Is Massage for Everyone?

Is Massage for Everyone?

Good Question!

There’s no denying we’re in difficult times. Not only are we dealing with a silent, invisible enemy, but we’re also seeing division among people on an extreme scale. My goal is to educate the public on the inclusivity of massage and bodywork; everybody can benefit from massage. Although, there are some contridication of specific types of bodywork, we were created to receive healthy, life giving, touch.

Is It a Luxury?

For quite some time, massage has been seen as a luxury. A luxury, seen by many, as mainly reserved for a specific race, with a specific income, in a specific area of town. I’m here to tell you that massage is inclusive of every demographic known to mankind. The only prerequisite necessary is the desire to find healing, peace, and relaxation. Massage isn’t just a luxury, it’s health care. It doesn’t look at the clothes you wear, the car you drive, or where you grew up. It doesn’t care what you believe as long as you have the willingness and open mind to receive care. Work in an office all day at a desk and you’re experiencing neck pain? Book your appointment. Work outside building houses or working on landscaping and have back issues? Book your appointment. Work in retail with a high amount of stress? Book your appointment. Work in a factory all day doing manual labor? Book an appointment. Are you a stay at home parent who just needs a minute of relaxation after another full day? Book your appointment.  Or a brand new homeschool parent that you didn’t expect be?

What is really important…

It is important to understand that as a society, especially here in the United States, we tend to live in a state of stress and chaos on a regular basis. Now this is not so for some, however, for most this is reality. Our bodies receive stress as much as our minds and spirits. Continual bombardment of this stress on our whole being will cause greater health issues then we can imagine. I truly believe that massage and bodywork are a necessity for optimal health and well being at every level and should be considered part of a normal health care routine. This would also include a healthy, mindful diet and exercise program. A combination of all these will put you on a path to a more peaceful lifestyle, even in the midst of what is happening around us.

So is it for everyone?

YES! Although to some it may seem obvious, to others, the idea of coming into an establishment and being physically and emotionally vulnerable to a complete stranger can be worrisome. I strive to make my space as welcoming and inclusive as possible for everyone, so please don’t hesitate to make an appointment, speak openly with me when necessary, and receive the bodywork you so desperately need. Whatever has been holding you back, put it aside and come on in.  

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