Morning Routines Can Improve Your Day!

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Have you ever felt like you’re jumping out of bed, running through your day to get everything done, yet you never seem to be able to do it all, much less get ahead? Do you ever feel like you’re standing on uneasy ground and can never really get your footing? Most people wake up and take the day as it comes, but having a regular morning routine can get your day started moving in the right direction, making the rest of the day run, or at least seem to run, a bit easier.  

Research has shown that most people are more productive in the morning. This is because the longer the day goes on, the more fatigued we become and the less self-control and focus we have. It’s also been shown that the more structure you keep throughout your day, the more in control you feel in your life. I’m not saying to schedule every moment of your day down to the minute; that’s a stress in itself. But once you get used to a positive daily routine, you’re able to become more efficient. Your repetitive tasks get easier and easier. While you can have a routine for any part of your day, a morning routine is a great way to start. So, here are 3 simple things to make a regular part of your morning habits to start every day off on the right foot:

Write Out Daily Tasks 

Whether you pack your kids’ lunches, prep dinner for the evening to come, have projects due, meetings to go to, errands to run, or events to attend, make a list or put it in your calendar. Writing out even the smallest of things to do serves a few purposes. It ensures you don’t forget anything. It can help to keep you focused. And it gives you a little pick-me-up every time you mark one of those things off your list.  

Add in Quiet Time  

So often we hit the ground running as soon as our eyes open and it’s rare to get any time for ourselves. But some quiet time to yourself, whether that’s to read, pray, journal, or just sit and drink your coffee in peace, that time to yourself is so important. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Even if that means waking up just 10 minutes earlier before everyone else, make a commitment that you’ll give yourself this time to focus in on you and quiet your mind.  

Find Time to Move 

There is no doubt that movement and exercise are good for you, but it can be even more powerful when you do it first thing in the morning. Did you know that studies have shown people are more productive and perform better for hours after exercise? You don’t have to run a marathon or spend hours in the gym. A quick walk, productive stretching, or HIIT workout can get your heartrate up, get those feel-good hormones circulating, and kickstart your body and brain for the day ahead.  

Whatever your day may hold, taking the time to prepare yourself for it is the best way to tackle it head on. There isn’t a one-size-fits all mold here. You have to decide what morning routine works best for you and your lifestyle. Remember that this is your morning routine. Design it to be exactly what you need each and every day. 

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