What To Expect With Your First Massage

What to Expect

For many, massage therapy isn’t really on the radar as part of routine healthcare. It may have just been something that was part of a spa gift certificate the family got mom for Mother’s Day or a splurge before a big event, like a wedding. But the massage industry has only grown over the last several years, and with it, a new public acceptance of massage therapy as part of a healthcare and self-care protocol. While it may seem a little intimidating to get your first massage, let me put you at ease by filling you in on all the details of what to expect.

What to expect prior to your massage

 Upon scheduling your appointment, you will receive an email notification to fillout a New Client Intake form. This form will ask you several questions that will help me understand your needs, and plan your session. This will allow me to gauge the pressure you might want, the areas of focus, the areas to avoid, and any medical issues that may affect your experience. The intake form also covers your medical history, any pain or injury you may be experiencing chronically or recently, and goals for your massage session. I request this form to be filled out prior to your first visit, so that all the time scheduled for your massage can be used to serve you.

You’ll also need to sign some policy agreements so everyone is on the same page about professional conduct, booking requirements, and things like that. I will go over all of this with you and answer any questions you have before your session starts.

Day of your visit

When you arrive for your massage, you’ll be informed of how to get ready to receive the most benefit from the specific type of treatment you’ve booked. To put it plainly, you’ll be told how much of your clothing to remove, but don’t worry, I will leave the room and allow you plenty of time to get ready.


I know it can be intimidating to think that only a sheet and blanket will be separating you from a stranger, but we’re professionals. Your modesty and comfort are extremely important to me. You will remain as covered, except for the location receiving massage. Each area will be uncovered only to receive the massage and then recovered to keep you warm. Your groin and, in the case of women the breasts, will remain covered at all times. If for any reason, you feel uncomfortable at all, don’t be afraid to communicate your concerns. This is your time and your service, so your comfort level is of utmost important.  


 Along with your comfort comes the discussion of pressure. If at any point in the massage you need more or less pressure, please let me know! I can’t read your mind, so it’s important for you to speak up if you need anything changed at all. This also goes for anything with the technique. The important thing to remember is that this is your time and it needs to be what you want. Whether that’s concerning the pressure, the music, the feel of the lotion or oil being used, the conversation or lack thereof, or anything else; let me know how Ican make the experience great for you.

Time to Relax

It’s normal in the beginning, especially during your first massage, to be a little tense, but try to allow yourself to truly be present and enjoy. Once your session is over, I will step out of the room to let you come back to your senses and re-dress. Before you jump up off the table though, take a moment to breathe and soak in the feelings you’re experiencing; the looseness in your muscles, your calmed mind, and just the peace and quiet. You deserve it.

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